Welcome to The Mediation Centre UK

We are a trusted Mediation Provider that focuses on providing mediation services to the local community.

Our vision is to promote peace and harmony within communities. We believe this can be achieved by helping neighbours, families and communities build trust and tolerance between themselves.

We believe that "conflict is neither good nor bad but inevitable. If ignored, it can result in resentment, violence and fear, but confronting your demons can bring about positive change".

In short, we facilitate difficult dialogue. We use mediation as both an ASB Prevention and a Conflict Resolution tool.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is more cost effective and resolves disputes more quickly than going to court. It's flexible and can be used in situations where litigation is not practical. It's also an excellent preventative tool and can be used to help avoid further disputes arising.

Mediation allows you to be heard. You have a chance to tell your side of the story without being interrupted. In many cases an apology is all that is required to solve a dispute.

In mediation, you can represent yourself, rather than having a lawyer speak for you. Mediation hands you control of the process - you decide on the solution. Agreements reached in this way are often more successful than those handed down in court.

Mediation happens quickly, and is more affordable than litigation. It allows you to rebuild relationships and move on - unlike the legal process where hostility often remains after the case is over.